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Explore the universe of the Sanskrit alphabet by learning to chant the “Garland of Letters.”

Each of the 50 Sanskrit letters is located on one of the chakra petals from muladhara to ajna. When this alphabet is chanted through the chakras, their primal sounds are awakened and we attune to their vibrational frequencies, promoting harmony and well being throughout the energy body.

In this workshop, we will review basic chakra concepts, learn how to pronounce each of the Sanskrit letters, place them on the chakra petals, and chant their sounds. The Garland of Letters is an aspect of Mantra Purusha – the “body composed of sound.” It is a meditation and also enhances your practice with other mantras.

Location: Cleveland Heights, OH.

Space is limited - please register by August 19.

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Yoga Alliance and YANA CEUs available: 2.5 hours.